Meditation in Pictures

Sometimes a picture really can say a thousand words. But I find it most enjoyable when a picture does the exact opposite. It conjures up feelings and emotions or quiets my mind instead of filling it with more words.

Open Your Mind and Thoughts Through Meditation in Pictures

Below is a somewhat eclectic collection of photos that put me in a happy meditative place along with some simple thoughts that entered my mind as I viewed them. I hope they put you in a happy meditation spot as well!


Wash away all negative thoughts and toxic energy.
stream meditation



Relax and release tension in the warm soothing water.

water meditation



Maintain a smile upon your face

wooden meditation carving



Clear the mind of all thoughts

serene beauty meditate



Open and expand the mind. Feel the space.

meditation on the beach




Embrace the energy of Heaven & Earth

meditation statue



Take time to be and not do

peaceful meditation



Fill your body with the golden light

meditation light

June 3, 2016
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