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"Thank you again,
your work is like none other."

Tom Geiger, Raleigh, NC


I have been religious every morning about the magnification meditation since you have sent it, and it has done wonders. I was having all kinds of trouble with my back and other issues and I’m happy to say that I can feel the strength returning and the pain is gone. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this practice into my life.

Its funny that I can remember distinctly when you first told our group that we would be doing a “Standing” meditation. I can remember saying to myself, “this will NEVER work for me”. Well, I am so happy to be disappointed in that memory!!



For more information on the amazing course that helped Tom please click the course title below.

 Nianli: A Complete Medical Qigong System for Healing 



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Let go of who you are...and become what you might be




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