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Meditation – Photo Proof Before & After One Month of Practice

Don’t think that meditation can make an observable difference in your life and appearance? This series of photos that Peter Seidler took before and after a month of meditation will convince you. The series is called “Before and after” and Seidler tells Shambala Sun about the project: This series of …

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Mentoring Moment – Mindfulness

From time to time I plan to post anonymous mentoring moments between myself and students that I feel will benefit others as well.  Recently I had an email exchange with a student who is currently dealing with some difficult situations.  This is one piece of advice I offered as part …

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Meditation in Pictures

Sometimes a picture really can say a thousand words. But I find it most enjoyable when a picture does the exact opposite. It conjures up feelings and emotions or quiets my mind instead of filling it with more words. Open Your Mind and Thoughts Through Meditation in Pictures Below is …

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Top 10 Benefits of Meditation

You have likely heard at some point that meditation is beneficial, however beyond “it’s relaxing”, you might not know precisely why. The truth is that you can experience a multitude of both direct and indirect benefits through meditation, and in this post, we’re going to take a look at 10 benefits …

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How To Control Your Emotions Through Meditation

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