How To Control Your Emotions Through Meditation

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Many people struggle with an emotional imbalance.  If you experience feelings of anger, depression, or anxiety then meditation may be a useful tool in helping to restore some harmony in your life.

So how exactly can you control emotions through meditation?  I don’t know quite how to tell you this other than to be very blunt…you can’t.  The end.  Thanks for stopping by!


Okay, that wasn’t very nice but bear with me for a moment.  Just because we can’t control emotions doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for all of us yet.  Achieving emotional balance is more about letting to than it is about trying to control something.

The idea of controlling an emotion is a bit like trying to control water. If you try to grasp hold of it your hands will come up empty.

grasping water

If you come to understand an emotion you can shape it and direct it as you wish instead of being washed away.

Just like water our emotions can become strong enough that they wash over us and take our breath away.  They have the ability to sweep us up like a wave and toss us about, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  If we understand our emotions we can ride them gracefully like a surfer on a wave.  We can guide them like directing water through a channel.ocean-wave_smaller

Emotions will always be present and we shouldn’t strive to be emotionless.  It is important that we process and release our emotions.  Release being the key word, because the most damaging thing of all is to pent up your emotions and allow them to become trapped.  Unreleased emotions can remain with you for years causing stress, pain, and even illness.

When you feel that your emotions are taking control try to take a breath and step back for a moment.  Imagine that you are seeing yourself from an outsider’s perspective.

Repeat the following mantra, “All emotion is false”.  Do this every time you feel that your emotions are getting out of control or when you are being emotionally attacked by another person.

The mantra is intended to take away the control of emotions over you, and instead allow you to gracefully ride the wave.  It doesn’t discredit emotions you are feeling and it isn’t intended to ignore emotional reactions so that they become unresolved.

The goal is to take away the power that emotions possess to lead you into a delusional state.

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